No commission. No PHV. No being taken for a ride.

Taxiapp is the only app run by drivers for drivers. The only app with 0% commission. Our goal is to take back the trade and put every penny of every fare where it belongs - in your pockets.

Stop buying work that's rightfully yours
Join up & enjoy all the fare, all the time

What we offer drivers

While still driver-owned, Taxiapp is now a partnership. This allowed us to get the investment we needed to both improve the app and make it commission free. What’s more, we can’t be sold and all Taxiapp drivers enjoy a profit share too.

Keep 100% of every fare

With 0% commission you keep all the fare, all the time. We’ve made street work and app work worth the same.

Cheaper than Street Work (Card)

We pick up the card fees and you get the fare on the meter. No one gets a cut of your graft, not even the card companies.

Profit Share

Our Drivers Reward Scheme means all drivers enjoy a profit share. The more jobs you do, the greater your cut.

Driver Veto Votes

Unless you, the drivers, vote for it, there’ll be no PHV, no commission increases and Taxiapp can’t be sold.

You did The Knowledge, you put the hours in
So why let the other apps take a cut?